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About us, Dalmia Healthcare Limited (DHL), a Dalmia Group Company, has made foray into the healthcare business in the year 2000 and offers plant-based formulations (Ayurvedic/herbal) prepared through scientific validation followed by clinical trials undertaken by its research centre, Dalmia Centre for Research and Development (DCRD).

The essence of pre-marketing efforts focuses on clinical trials compared and measured with those for various Allopathic drugs indicated for similar conditions. Extensive toxicological studies are conducted while formulating DHL products in order to ensure that our products are safe and devoid of adverse side-effects. All products of Dalmia Healthcare are manufactured and evaluated in accordance with the standards of modern medical parameters.

Indianising Universe

More about us, Dalmia Healthcare as one of the major players work s towards Indianising Universe with Ayurveda for Health and Wellness

Evolved from the combination of two words “Ayuh”—life and “veda”—knowledge, Ayurveda, the 5000 year old ancient Science of Life, is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Tracing it roots in India, Ayurveda is the oldest forms of healthcare systems. It is based on the premise that the universe is made up of five elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether. These elements are represented in humans by three “doshas”, or energies: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When any of the doshas accumulate in the body beyond the desirable limit, the body loses its balance. Every individual has a distinct balance, and our health and well-being depend on getting a right balance of the three doshas (“tridoshas”). Ayurveda suggests specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to help individuals reduce the excess dosha.

The fundamental concept of Ayurveda, alternative medicine, is to maintain health. Ayurveda does not look at the disease. It looks at the individual’s vulnerability. Ayurvedic practices include the use of herbal medicines, mineral or metal supplementation (rasa shastra), surgical techniques, opium, and application of oil by massages. Practices derived from Ayurvedic traditions are a type of alternative medicine. The practice enables healthy functioning of every organ of body. It provides basic guidelines related to diet, routines, environment and other such basic elements that combine to form massive effect in our lifestyle and health. To know more about us at Dalmia healthcare, contact now!

2000 Learnol Plus Syrup

A New Hope for Mentally Deficient Children. The product was introduced after years of extensive research.

2001 Attentio Syrup

For School Going Children – The Safe Solution for ADD / ADHD. The product was launched as it was found that healthcare professionals and doctors were looking forward to preparing a formulation which is safe and devoid of adverse side effects unlike allopathic medicines.

2004 Entrostat Liquid

The plant-based and safe antidiarrhoeal syrup formulation was introduced.

2005 Lung Care Cell

In the year 2005, our Lung Care Cell was activated with formulations Astha -15 Capsules / Syrup which provide safe relief from Bronchial Asthma. Also in the same year, a breakthrough formulation for COPD patients and tobacco smokers, Lung -KR Capsules and StopKoff 20 were made available to the patients. This Lung Care Cell also launched a Cough Formula Kof – Rid which is developed from original Pharmacopoeia.

2006 Arthopack Capsules / Oil

DHL launched Arthopack Capsules and oil, a very effective herbal formulation for patients suffering from arthritis. In the same year, ToxiGard Capsules which are highly useful for Drug Induced Hepatotoxicity, were introduced by DHL team.

2012 Arthopack Gel

The oil was converted into gel and Arthopack gel was placed in the market in the year 2012, and is widely used for sprain, lower back pain, joint pains, neck and shoulder pain etc.

2013 DHL (OTC)

FRAMPS gel is the first product in the series DHL launched in OTC market. This will be followed by many other products.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been in use for 5000 years. India’s unmatched heritage represented by this ancient system of medicine is a virtual treasure house of knowledge. In Ayurveda, disease is always seen as an imbalance in the dosha system. As a result, the diagnostic process strives to determine which doshas are under-active or overactive in a body. Ayurveda offers mainly three kinds of treatment, namely Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle control, and Panchakarma.
Ayurvedic and plant-based formulations are used by a wider section of the world because of their capability to deal with common health problems and chronic diseases. A huge opportunity is growing worldwide for plant-based formulations as complementary and alternative medicine in view of adverse side-effects of chemical drugs and high cost of treatment.
Ayurvedic medicines mainly comprise of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils, etc., which are prepared from natural herbs, plants, and minerals. All Dalmia Healthcare products are based on the concepts of Ayurvedic sciences and are prepared with the motto “Understanding The Value Of Your Health”.