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Ayurveda Remedies for Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is one of the common diseases that usually affects the people of age group 40 or above. The person suffering from this disease observes a high inflammation and extreme level pain in the joints.

The disease is most sought after when it comes to remedies. There are innumerable treatments available for the disease which claims of ‘complete cure.’

arthritis treatment in ayurveda

But, did you know?

Most of the treatments for arthritis fail because they do not correspond to its nature – the disease is autoimmune.

That’s where Ayurveda treatment of Arthritis works the best in providing a complete cure.


  • Extreme Pain in the ankle, back, fingers, hands, heel, joints, lower back, muscles, neck, or wrist.
  • Swelling in Fingers.
  • Sharp pain while sitting.
  • Stiffness and Swelling in Joints.
  • Muscle Weakness.
  • The three most common types of Arthritis:
  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • Psoriatic arthritis (PsA)

Out of above-mentioned types, Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic disease which finds its cure with Ayurveda.

How does Arthritis occur?

Our joints rely on strong and healthy metabolism, as well as digestion. When we fail to develop good eating habits(which most of us do), impurities accumulate in the body which obstructs the metabolism path which causes Arthritis.

Now because our immune system is not capable enough to fight impurities, the role of the medicines broadens from eradicating muscular pain to strengthening our body’s immunity system.

 Why is Ayurvedic Treatment best for Arthritis?

Ayurveda recognizes the nature of the disease and uses natural ingredients to prove an effective treatment. The role of Ayurvedic treatment is not restricted to removing joint pains, but it also-

    1. Remove impurities in metabolic pathways that obstruct circulatory channels towards joints.
    2. Improves digestion system of the body by creating an abundance of nutritional plasma in the body.
    3. Strengthens the lubrication of muscular joints.
    4. Balances nervous system to ease the pain in the body.

Due to the multiple benefits of Ayurveda medicine for joint pains, they are more preferred for Arthritis treatments. One such believer in Ayurveda technology is Dalmia Healthcare which brings specialized and advanced ‘Arthpack oil’ to soothe patient of Arthritis from joint pains.

Additionally, they bring products which cure a variety of disease, which is made from natural ayurvedic ingredients in raw and pure form. To know more about their products or for queries related to Ayurvedic remedies for different disease, visit Dalmia Health Products

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