Ayurvedic Treatment For Liver

Ayurvedic Treatment to Protect Liver

The liver is one of the vital organs of thehuman body that performs avariety of different functions. On daily basis, our liver is responsible for:

  • Control infections from affecting the body.
  • Check bacteria and toxins, remove them from the blood.
  • Processing of all the nutrients and hormones in the body.
  • Production of proteins that clot blood in the body.
  • Production of bile for absorption of fat, and digestion.

There are innumerable tasks that our liver performs and one should immediately look for treatments in case one observes symptoms of malfunctioning in theliver. We are used to with stressful lifestyle and careless eating, which adversely damages the liver, and results in its disorder.

Few of those symptoms that tell the story of damaged liver is:

Loss of appetite, Fatigue, Nausea, vomiting, Weight gain/loss Bruises, Jaundice, Itching Skin, Abdominal Pain, Light colored stools, Blood in Stool/Urine, Continuous Fever.

Although there’s are avariety of treatment options available for aliver disorder, one must always go for natural treatments, i.e – ayurvedic treatment. The reason being the long term benefits and low side effects of natural treatments.

Ayurvedic treatment helps to protect theliver by guarding it against different damages like – Fatty liver, Autoimmune hepatitis, and other herited or inherited diseases. The medicines in Ayurveda are made from herbs and other natural ingredients that prove extremely beneficial to recover liver from disorders. In Ayurveda, liver had been described as fiery hot organ, and all the best ayurvedic medicine for liver are developed to pacify the hotness in liver.

Some of the best Ayurvedic medicines made for liver have these following ingredients-

1. Amla or Gooseberry: The Indian herb is a rich source of Vitamin C and helps to protect from the sluggish liver.

2. Amrith or Guduchi: The herb should be consumed only under the guidance of Ayurveda practitioner, as it might increase the level of toxins at times of liver toxins.

However, it is considered very beneficial for liver and helps to strengthen its functioning.

3. Haldi or Turmeric: It is significant to protect theliver from multiple kinds of viruses. The antiviral properties of Turmeric keep Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C at bay.

4. Azadirachtaindica (Nimba) – An extract of neem, known for its hepatoprotective properties. One of the famous medicines of Dalmia Healthcare, ToxiGuard Capsules, is made from this powerful Ayurveda ingredient, to guard liver from a different type of disease.

These ayurvedic ingredients when packed together in medicines, helps the liver to recover from any kind of toxins or disorders.

To know more about Ayurvedic treatments and medicines for liver, consult Dalmia Healthcare.

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