Ayurvedic Treatment for Mental Health

Treating ‘Learning & Mental Disabilities’ with Herbal Medicines

Learning disabilities occur as a result of neurological problems in the human body(especially brain). Children are the worst affected with mental disabilities and it interferes in their basic learning capabilities like reading and writing. These are a few commonly occurring mental disabilities:

  • Dyslexia
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Language Processing Disorder.
  • Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities.
  • Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit

The cause of such diseases can be hereditary, chromosome abnormalities, and in few cases, mishap to brain nerves at the time of birth. Environmental factors also contribute to a person’s mental well-being, and prolonged depression is another reason that results in mental disorders.

Ayurvedic medicines are most effective in treating all types of learning and mental disabilities. These medicines are made of nature’s finest herbs and are processed without adding chemics(which is the common case with allopathic medicines). These herbs are known to calm the nerves and result in a neurological balance in the body. Some of those herbs are as follows

Brahmi-Known for improving impaired mental functions in the body.

Mandukparni– Known for increasing learning capabilities. It is filled with stress relieving properties.

Ashwagandha – Known for decreasing excitatory neurotransmitters and suppressing overactiveness in our brain.

Jyotismati – Known for increasing memory power.

These herbs, when formulated in an ayurvedic cure, are extremely beneficial in treating mental disorders. For their plant-based composition, such medicines are also called ‘herbal medicines’.

Dalmia Healthcare Ayurvedic medicines for mental disabilities

A brainchild of Dalmia group – Attentio and Learnol Plus syrup form an effective mental health remedy. These medicines have clinically proven to increase memory, reduce stress, and they help in treating dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Now the question arises – why choose them over other treatments?

  • They have proven benefits in treating mental problems
  • These medicines are completely risk-free.
  • They have no side effects.
  • They are effective against all kind of mental disorders.
  • They increase learning abilities.
  • Trust of Ayurveda in treating diseases.

For further queries, consult Dalmia Healthcare.

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